Lake Csónakázó (Boating lake)

An eventful lake excursion

Lake Csónakázó (Boating lake) is located on the edge of Nagykanizsa. People often choose to spend their free time there.

They like going on bike rides, jogging, or just simply walking with their friends and dogs around the lake while admiring the view. It is a great site for the little ones too, they can have lots of fun on the big playground.

If you are interested in kayaking, canoeing, or even fishing, then the lake is a suitable area to spend your weekend there.

The Spartan Obstacle Course Race was held here twice: in 2018 and 2019. From the age of 15, people could participate and run 13 kilometres with 25 obstacles in their way. The scene was filled with spectators and supporters.

Dragon Boat races are yearly arranged and attract many individuals. Participants are often seen on the lake training.

There is a lookout tower which is near the forest. If you go up you can see the whole city with a breath-taking scenery, especially during the sunset, and you can also enjoy the silence. It feels so good to be close to the nature and smell the fresh air.

Take part and enjoy your trip!