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Batthyány Lajos High School is an influential centre of the cultural life in the region with a long and rich history.

It was founded in 1765 by Lajos Batthyány, who was a Hungarian aristocrat. Back then, it was the only secondary school in three counties. Mathematics, Grammar, History, Poetry and Divinity were taught there. The first difficulty took place in 1849 when Austrian authorities shut down the school because of its revolutionary views, but the people of Nagykanizsa reopened the institution in 1850 thanks to their huge financial aid and work. The school was closed in 1943 for one and a half years, during World War II it was used as a hospital.

It was called Irányi Dániel High School between 1949 and 1957, and then it was named after Jenő Landler, who was a major participant in the communist workers’ movement; after the regime change the school got its present name in 1990.

Nowadays it has around 660 students and 65 teachers, who enjoy either studying or teaching here. There are a lot of competition achievements each year which we are proud of. Several events take place every year and there are interesting after-school activities. One of the best time of the year is in January when the school organizes the prom for the graduate students; their dance is always a heart-stirring moment.

Besides keeping traditions, the institute has always been open to the latest scientific developments, and it has modern facilities which are employed in education.

The students and the teachers are all very helpful and kind, everybody is welcome here, so it is worth visiting us; please, come and enjoy your time!

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