Menu Card

23 August | 24 August | 25 August | 26 August | 27 August | 28 August

23rd August, Sunday, lunch

meat soup or vegetable soup
1. roasted pork collar
2. fried chicken breast
3. fish in green seasoned coating
rice, seasoned potatoes, pickles, tomato salad

23rd August, Sunday, dinner

1. pork Budapest style
2. Caprese chicken breast
3. Florentine cauliflower
rice, seasoned potatoes, cabbage salad

24th August, Monday, lunch

broth or kohlrabi soup with tarragon
1. turkey stripes and mushroom with cream of rice
2. chicken breast with almond
3. vegetable lasagne
salad Bugaci style, pearl barley

24th August, Monday, dinner

1. Hungarian pork chops
2. roasted turkey drumsticks
3. fried broccoli
rice, steamed vegetables, salad

25th August, Tuesday, lunch

pork ragout soup or garlic cream soup
1. fried camembert cheese
2. “Medgyaszay” chicken breast
3. grilled fish
rice, French fries, salad

25th August, Tuesday, dinner

Grill party (chicken breast, pork collar, sausages, cheese, vegetables, ember roasted potatoes, red onion, cucumber, green pepper, mustard, bread, beverages – soft drinks and mineral water)

26th August, Wednesday, lunch

Buffet food during the trip in Zala Zone

26th August, Wednesday, dinner

1. pork stew
2. Cordon bleu
3. pea vegetable sauce with fried eggs
noodles, rice with peas, gardener salad

27th August, Thursday, lunch

tomato soup or giblets soup
1. roasted chicken drumsticks
2. chicken breast with forest fruits
3.tomato pasta
rice with nuts, Mexican mix vegetables

27th August, Thursday, dinner for students

1. fried pork chops
2. lemon fish
3. courgette (zucchini) stuffed with vegetables
French fries, rice, Greek salad

27th August, Thursday, Banquet at Bonne Chance Restaurant

forest mushroom soup
venison stew with ‘dödölle’
home-made strudel
Wine from Bussay winery

28th August, Friday, lunch

meat soup or cold fruit soup
1. beef stripes Eszterházy style
2. Quinoa salad with tofu
3. fried mushrooms with tartar sauce
rice, macaroni

28th August, Friday, dinner

Buffet dinner after closing ceremony