CEOI 2020 – Important information for Team Leaders

We are committed to organising this year’s CEOI in Nagykanizsa, from 23th till 29th of August, as we announced two months ago. We are working hard to make this contest fantastic and unforgettable for you with many fun out-of- contest activities. Organising a competition in this atypical situation is a challenge for us as organizers, but life must find a way to move forward. We are aware of the challenges caused by the virus COVID-19, and we ask for your cooperation too in carrying out this contest without problems.

Hungarian and European regulations allow travel to Hungary and back to your country without any restrictions (quarantine, compulsory test) at this moment (when travelling to an event), and Hungarian law allows events for less than 500 people to take place. The only restrictions currently in effect are mandatory face masks in grocery shops.

In every CEOI country, the situation seems to be under control now. The up-to- date information is checkable at the international website of John Hopkins University here.

We hope that this will remain so until late August. The registration deadline is as late as possible: the 10th of August. The registration form and updated information will be available next week on our website:

We expect that there may be cancellations of onsite participation, which is understandable to us. We are ready to organise the event onsite, or partly online as well, in case some of the CEOI countries cannot travel.

If you travel to the onsite event, the Organizing Committee will provide all accommodation and meals during the official duration of the competition, as well as the competition itself and other scheduled activities. You only have to cover your delegation‘s travel expenses to and from the contest venue and travel insurance.

If any of you cannot travel to Hungary, you can participate online. In this case you are responsible:

  • to gather all of your team members in one secure place
  • to keep them together for the duration of the contest
  • to provide the proper environment and internet for the practice and contest days
  • to provide the safe, reliable and fair proctoring of the contest
  • to make the translating process onsite reliable and secret to competitors.

We are waiting for you in Nagykanizsa. We are looking forward to your confirmation of your intention to participate based on the information available now. The latest confirmation date is at registration, on 10th of August.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


Stay safe and best wishes,


on behalf of the CEOI2020 Organising Committee