Tungsram factory visit

We found the visit very interesting and informative. 

We were taken to the pallets by bus. We got off the bus and the leaders of the factory gave a speech and warned us about the dangers. We weren’t allowed to touch anything. 

We got divided into three groups and visited different parts of the building. Our group took a photo first then we were shown lights that they make (street lights. road lights etc.). The guide explained how they work and we could also look at the materials they use from a distance. Then we headed to the manufactory area where we saw people working hard but also machines make their job easier. Safety tests are run by the company in case something goes wrong. They make as sure as possible they don’t give out faulty products to the customers. 

There was another part which we could only observe from the outside through the windows. 

We walked to the warehouse which contains three buildings. This is where they store the components. We were told about how organized their system is and how they’ve digitalized everything so now it’s easier to go through the data. They always know how much they’ve done and how much more they need before shipping the products to the customers. 

After seeing how the work is done there another guide gave us a presentation from which we could learn more information about it. 

We got some presents, left the building and they wished us a safe bus trip.