Introduction of the Venues – Zala Zone


The biggest test track in Central Europe is located in Zalaegerszeg. It is unique, the traditional test track features focusing on driving and driving stability are implemented together with the research and development infrastructure elements connected with future vehicles on multi-level system for validation. The proving ground provides not only dynamics tests for conventional vehicles, but it also allows validation tests for autonomous and electric ones.

About the track

The track is surrounded by a 4,5 km oval turn. The testing course was built with heavily sloping bends. This is used for high speed (250-300 km/h) driving tests. In the southern part of the track we can find a braking test zone. There are eight different lines with disparate type of ground (asphalt, basalt, ceramics). They give a variety of grips that can be used to test pretty much everything on them, but mostly ABS (Anti-lock Braking system), ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and tires. The proving ground has a third track called the „handling course”. The track itself is two kilometres long, behind the Pannonia-Ring, Hungaroring, and Euroring. It could be the fourth longest home racetrack if it were used for it. It has wide, gravelly tipping bays, intertwined technical curves, and is designed to be able to roll on it with an average car at an average speed of 120 km/h.

Here is a short video about the complete proving ground.