Short interviews – August 25

What was your first impression about the competition and the whole day? How did you do?

Tomasz Nowak:
It was quite nice. It’s fun to be surrounded by people from other countries, to see their level and how I rank amongst them. I enjoy it quite a bit.

Lorenzo Conti:
The competition was quite hard as expected. The excursion part was fun, the view from the tower was beautiful.

Marc Strufe:
Actually, I really liked the tasks although they were very difficult.
The cycling was exciting but the bike was hard to handle so I almost fell at one point. The lake is surely pretty.

Ondrej Sladky:
The competition was exhausting, I guess.
The orientation running was really good. We hope we are the first!

Adam Blazek:
I liked the contest although I didn’t do very well. Riding the bikes was very enjoyable.

Lukas Münzel:
I mean the tasks were pretty interesting. They were quite challenging for someone who hasn’t had international experience so far. It was a great contest all in all and I worked without problems, which was a good feeling.
The orienteering running was a creative idea but I’m not really the type that runs distances at speed.

Jozef Fülöp:
The contest could’ve been better but it could’ve been worse. I’m happy with my performance on 2 of the tasks. I think on the first exercise I could’ve done better but I mean it could’ve gone worse as well.The running was adventurous, I like orienteering stuff, it was obviously not that long.

Matej Urban:
I enjoyed solving the problems, they were quite interesting.
Now I’m looking forward to trying the boating.

Jeroen Op de Beek:
When I started doing the tasks, I saw a problem. I thought I could solve it, but I ended up working on it for 3 hours. The second and third problems were a bit too hard for me, so I tried to do a couple of subtasks. Here, around the lake, I enjoyed cycling. We started competing to figure out who is the fastest. I took part in the orienteering too.

Marco Meijer:
The second and the third problems were really hard, but I could solve the first one immediately. After the competition I got surprised how few points people got. The lake seemed smaller from the tower, but when you are actually biking around it, it looks a lot bigger.

Bálint Horcsin:
I expected the tasks to be harder. I thought I wouldn’t be able to solve any, but I managed. All in all, the exercises were a bit easier than I hoped for. The programs were interesting, it wasn’t too tiring to walk up to the lookout-tower and the view was really beautiful.