Short interviews – August 27

What was your impression about the second day of the contest?
Did you enjoy your visit in Zalaegerszeg and Keszthely yesterday?

Kornél Szabó:
I could have done better, but the exercises were nice.
I enjoyed the trip, especially cruising on the lake. I have always wanted to eat ice cream in Keszthely and I had the chance to do so, while walking on the Pedestrian street.

Milán Székely
I couldn’t cope with the tasks as well as I wanted, but I liked solving them.
Yesterday I enjoyed having ice cream and the boat trip was nice too, but for me, Tuesday’s program was the best one.

Yasmine Briefs
It was really hard, but I think I did OK.
I didn’t find interesting the first part of the day, but I really liked the castle.

Bumjun Kim
The second day was a lot harder than the first, but I think all the tasks were quite nice.
Yesterday’s trip was interesting. It was the first time I saw an autonomus vehicle in real life. The lake was pretty. And meeting the Mayor was a very new experience for me.

Jan Strzeszynski
The contest was alright. The exercises weren’t too hard.
I kinda liked the excursion, mostly the castle, because it was really beautiful.

Marcin Martowicz
I liked the tasks, but I’m upset, because I didn’t get the first place.
The previous day was a little better, because there was more free time to relax.

Adam Górkiewicz
I didn’t like the first task’s extremely over-complicated statement. I skipped it, but after the competition, it turned out that it was actually easy, so I’m sad now.
I couldn’t really enjoy the trip yesterday, because I can easily get tired.

Tobias Feigenwinter
The tasks didn’t look that hard, but knowing how many points I got and how many points everybody else got, they were difficult.
Overall, the journey was great, but there was too much commentary on the bus.

Jonas Meier
Today’s contest was much harder than the first one, but it was fun and it had some nice tasks.
The trip was enjoyable.

Dávid Bertalan Bukva
It went badly, I could’ve done better. The first task could have been done, but I couldn’t manage.
Basically, I don’t like going on trips, but it was entertaining.